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IIS Application Process

The total length of time from application to approval/study initiation varies depending on a number of factors in the application process.

Step 1. Submit your Full Study Proposal or Study Idea Outline and proposed budget on this website

You may submit a Study Idea Outline first to get initial feedback from the IIS committee. Full Study Proposals may be submitted either in response to a Research Opportunity, or as unsolicited requests if aligned with our areas of research interest. We will contact you if we require additional information or clarification. We highly recommend that you attach a proposed itemized budget for review, in addition to your Full Study Proposal or Study Idea Outline. You have the option to use the provided budget templates found under the Supporting Documents tab above.

Step 2. Proposals reviewed by IIS committee

Full Study Proposals/Study Idea Outlines are reviewed in our regularly scheduled IIS committee meetings, held every 1-2 months. We may contact you to seek clarifications about your proposal prior to making a final decision. All proposals may go through several rounds of committee reviews before a decision is rendered or initial feedback is given.

Step 3. Decisions

Only complete applications with a Full Study Proposal and itemized budget will be considered for a decision; Study Idea Outlines can be discussed for initial feedback, but no decision will be rendered. Decisions are made based on various factors including, but not limited to: study design, scientific merit, budget availability and business priorities. You will be notified by email if further information is required or if a decision has been made. Any proposal-related questions may be directed to the Director or IIS Program Manager.

Step 4. Contracting process

If your Full Study Proposal is approved, we will contact you to initiate the IIS contracting process. You will be sent a draft IIS contract agreement for review and approval by you and/or your institution. It is not uncommon for the contracting process to take a minimum of 3-6 months.

Note that the study will not be allowed to start before the contract is fully executed. Any work completed prior to contract execution will not be compensated.

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